Finn Balor and WWE Stars Help Staffer Lose 85 Pounds

Finn Balor has helped one of his co-workers reach a big goal. WWE Digital Coordinating Producer Dustin Wallace asked the WWE superstar for his help as he wanted to lose 35 pounds before Wrestlemania 35. Wallace not only reached that mark, but he also surpassed it by losing over 50 pounds. That led to him wanting to lose more weight, which he was able to do, losing 35 pounds before Summerslam which is on Sunday.

"I had no doubt that he could make the 35-pound line," Balor said when talking about Wallace working out. "And now it's just become a habit and part of his routine. Since Wrestlemania, he's done all the work himself."

Wallace started the journey at 310 pounds. When he weighed himself at the end of the video, the WWE staffer was at 225 pounds. Balor was the one who got Wallace going, but he also got helped from other superstars such as The Big Show, Sheamus, and WWE Champion Kofi Kingston.

Balor was really impressed with Wallace's dedication to getting fit. In fact, the former WWE Universal Champion could get some pointers from him as he recently told GQ he doesn't have a workout plan when he goes to a gym.


"When I walk into the gym, I don't have a plan. I don't know if I'm going to deadlift that day, I don't know if I'll box squat that day, I don't know if I'm going to do dips that day. I just go in, feel the workout, and take it from there. If something hurts, I'm going to stay away from that. If something feels good, I'll want to work on that. But there's no plan. You know, everyone's got different mentalities and different approaches. Mine is kind of slow and steady. I've been training now for over 20 years and I'd rather train a little bit for six days a week then go balls to the walls for four days. I'm putting my body in enough jeopardy every night in the ring that when I go to the gym, it's really just to work on the things I want to work on."

Balor is likely putting in a lot of work in the gym lately as he's getting ready to face Bray Watt at Summerslam on Sunday which will air live on the WWE Network.