Two Female Tennis Players Get Into Fight Over Post-Match Handshake

Two female pro tennis players got into a fight after a post-match handshake went terribly wrong. According to CBS Sports, Canadian Katherine Sebov and American Alycia Parks competed in a match at the Henderson Tennis Open in Las Vegas this past weekend. Sebov defeated Parks in straight sets and Parks was not happy with the outcome as she threw her racket to the ground as soon as the match was over.

The two met in the middle of the court to shake hands and that's when Parks got angry at Sebov as she thought her handshake was too aggressive. Parks tried to get the umpire to penalize Sebov but he wouldn't do it which made her even angrier.

Parks then charged at Sebov and that's when several bystanders broke up the fight. Even one man who appeared to be Parks' father, came out the stands to help Parks. Eventually, everything settled down and Parks went to Twitter to share her side of the story.

"So about this whole video situation after the last point, I walked to the net the opponent slapped my hand and squeezed it harder then anyone else with aggression I told the ref what happened if you could see that's why he climbed down from his chair before we could even shake."

Parks' comments led to a number of replies from Twitter users. One person wrote, "Girl, this is all you are going to be remembered for a black aggressive girl. You are so much in the wrong here. You went around the umpire to her side of the court."

Another person wrote, "Keep grinding Alycia, you have a right future ahead, certainly a higher ceiling than Sebov. Work on that serve relentlessly and a top 100 career is almost a certainty. And you were tired after the marathon against Flipkens, you would have beat her again otherwise."

And another person wrote, "I'm sorry this happened to you. :( Your dad was being a dad. I felt his pain and was not happy about how this went down. Be classier than them."

Sbebov also shared her side of the story and she revealed that Parks was mocking her.


She said, "What you guys didn't see was that (as Parks arrived at the net) she was mocking my celebrating in a very disrespectful manner, with the head bob. That was her imitating me … She wanted to give me the limp fish (handshake). I just took her hand firmly, gave her a professional handshake, and walked away to my bag. I didn't realize she was charging at me until she was very close on my side. The refs and line umpires were having trouble holding her back. As a reflex I just blocked her, to defend myself."

It will be interesting to see what happens if the two meet again in a match.