Eric and Jessie James Decker Panic After Losing Their Dog, But There's a Happy Ending

Eric and Jessie James Decker had a scary moment recently when they were unable to track down one of their dogs. According to her Instagram stories, the pet, Jake, was missing in the Nashville/Brentwood area of Tennessee. As she explained, the dog had been gone since 11 a.m. Thursday morning and they had been roaming the streets in search of him.

Fortunately, the dog was safely returned later that day. Someone in the neighborhood has spotted the golden retriever roaming around and had brought it inside their house so that it wouldn't be hit by a car. A different neighbor saw a post about it on Facebook and informed the Deckers.

To celebrate the occasion, she posted a photo that showed all three dogs sleeping on their respective beds. Decker also said that Jake was very worn out from his day.

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"Sure glad to have our Jakey back, makes me love on him more," Decker wrote after the safe return of her dog. "It can be hard to remember to give them extra love sometimes because I get so distracted taking care of my three human babies but they need just as much lovin too. He was our first baby and so special to me and Eric. He made us a little family in Denver before we got married."

One interesting note about this story is how the unnamed individual was able to track down the dog and transport it to safety. Apparently, he had walked up to the dog and called him Jake without knowing his actual name. He just said that the dog simply looked like a Jake.

With her dog safe and sound after a harrowing day, Decker and her husband, Eric, can now focus on enjoying their very full house. They have three dogs and three children, which keeps them quite busy on a daily basis.

Still, that doesn't mean that the former NFL receiver in Eric and his wife don't find time to spend together. Instagram shows that they take opportunities to keep the romance alive with dates and other fun adventures. The happy couple even takes time to celebrate Halloween by dressing up in unique outfits.


Of course, tracking down a lost dog does not count as a "fun" adventure, but Decker is happy that her family is complete once again.

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