'Jungle Cry' Star Emily Shah Reveals Her Love for Kansas City Chiefs (Exclusive)

Emily Shah is very happy about Super Bowl 54. The Indian-American actress is from New Jersey, but [...]

Emily Shah is very happy about Super Bowl 54. The Indian-American actress is from New Jersey, but her family is from Kansas City, Missouri, which has led to her being a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan. In an exclusive with Popculture.com, Shah, who is promoting her new film, Jungle Cry, revealed how glad she was the Chiefs were able to beat the San Francisco 49ers this past February at Super Bowl 54.

"I was so excited," Shah said. "I grew up watching them, and when I grew up watching them, nobody was a Chiefs fan because the Chiefs weren't doing good. They were paying people to come watch them and I was still a fan. I'm definitely not a bandwagon fan."

Shah is right about the Chiefs not being a great team in the past. Their Super Bowl win this year was their first in 50 years, and while they have played well the last few seasons in 2013, it's been a wild ride in terms of consistency. Before head coach Andy Reid took over, the Chiefs have had either disappointing seasons or disappointing ends to good seasons. In 2018 and in 2012 Kansas City recorded 2-14 win-loss records and it lead to coaching changes the following seasons. But through it all, Shah has been supportive of the Chiefs and she loves attending games at Arrowhead Stadium.

"I attended Chiefs games in Kansas City and few in New Jersey," she said. "The Chiefs stadium is the loudest stadium in the world. It's pretty insane to watch a Chiefs game."

Shah loves the NFL, but after filming Jungle Cry, she developed a love for Rugby. The film is about 12 underprivileged children, who have played sports bared foot, beating the odds and winning the U14 Rugby World Cup in England. Shah admitted she wasn't a fan of Rugby before taking on the project, but she enjoys it now.

"I didn't know anything about rugby, she said. "I had no idea what the rules were for how it was played. I didn't know there were different categories of rugby. I really dove into the research of rugby and medicine and sports medicine specifically. I had to do a lot of research on everything."

Jungle Cry is set to be released this summer.