Eli Manning Joined by Wife Abby McGrew and 4 Kids for New York Giants Retirement Press Conference

Eli Manning retired from the NFL on Friday. The former New York Giants star quarterback held his retirement press conference in New York and he got emotional talking about his 16-year career. At the end of his speech, Manning was joined by his wife, Abby McGrew, and their four kids for photos.

Manning might be a little sad that his NFL career is over, but the good news is he gets to spend more time with his family. All four kids are under 10 years old and the youngest one, Charles, was born on Super Bowl Sunday last year.

"It goes by quickly," Manning said to US Weekly back in 2014 when talking about having kids. "You hear that from a lot of parents. They're 3 years old and then you look up and they're graduating high school and they're graduating college. So just enjoy every moment that you have with them and every little period in their life is precious."

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Manning now has the time to spend with his entire family with his NFL journey coming to an end. With him being a free agent in March and the team naming Daniel Jones as the starting quarterback last year, Manning knew retiring was the best move for him.

"I might have rushed into (the decision) a little bit because I knew it was the right thing to do," Manning said via Giants.com. "I knew 100 percent I'm not going to have - I'm not going to regret this. When I make a decision, I commit to it and make it the right decision. This is it and this is the right one. It's an honor to have played here 16 years and to have only played here."

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Manning is in a rare class when it comes to NFL quarterbacks. He led the Giants to Super Bowl wins in 2007 and 2011. He's one of 12 quarterbacks to win multiple Super Bowls and he's one of five players to win multiple Super Bowl MVP awards.

"I hope that I've represented the organization in the way that you wanted me to from my first day to my last," Manning said. "For most of my life, people have called me Easy. Believe me, there is nothing easy about today. Wellington Mara always said, 'Once a Giant, always a Giant.' For me, it's only a Giant."