'Elba vs. Block': How to Watch the New Quibi Series

Quibi launched on April 6 with the intention of providing bite-sized entertainment exclusively built for phones. Several prominent celebrities have created content for the platform, including Chrissy Teigen, Kevin Hart, and Sophie Turner. Now actor Idris Elba is partnering with precision driver Ken Block for a series centered on automotive high-jinks, and here is the method for accessing the content.

Elba Vs. Block pits the longtime actor against the popular rally driver in a series of challenges. Elba and Block get behind the wheel to navigate obstacle courses, jump cars and shoot each other's vehicles with paintball bazookas. The show is only available on the Quibi app, which can be downloaded on iOS and Android phones. The streaming platform has a 90-day trial and will cost $4.99 each month after that.

Four episodes of Elba Vs. Block have been released on Quibi, and the remainder are expected to drop in the days leading up to April 20. The eight episodes were shot in London's Docklands and featured eight different stunts. This included the Wall of Death, the Car Tightrope and the Flaming Obstacle Course.

"There's a bunch of rad competitions — like driving a van on two wheels — that you've never seen me do before — and a few that I'd rather not have to ever do again!" Block wrote in an Instagram post when the series launched. As someone responsible for Ken Block's Gymkhana, the longtime rally driver has taken part in a number of dangerous stunts while generating more than half of a billion views. However, he admitted that some of the competitions between him and Elba were not something that he wants to revisit.

"Ken is my driving hero… I've never worked with a driver as skilled as him so I'm a little intimidated by his talent," Elba said, per Deadline. "I love challenges, I love speed and I'm a 'wheel man' so let's see how this plays out."


Quibi is free for the first 90 days, and it costs $4.99 a month after the free trial. The platform is built exclusively for phones and relies on short clips that can be watched on the go or in situations where TVs are not present. Each episode of the various shows is roughly 10 minutes in length. Elba Vs. Block is one of the shows that focuses more on sports, joining Cam Newton's Iron Sharpens Iron and Travis Pastrana's Life-Size Toys.