Earl Thomas' Wife Nina Files for Divorce in Wake of April Arrest

The wife of former Baltimore Ravens safety Earl Thomas has filed for divorce. She did so seven [...]

The wife of former Baltimore Ravens safety Earl Thomas has filed for divorce. She did so seven months after holding him at gunpoint. TMZ Sports reports that Nina Thomas submitted the court documents on Nov. 3 and listed adultery as the primary reason for the divorce.

According to the outlet, Nina said that the couple has a very strained relationship in the court documents. She said that there is no "reasonable expectation of reconciliation." The couple has three children together and the court documents show that Nina is asking for the former Ravens player to have limited access to the children. She is asking for this arrangement to remain until he "takes a parenting course and can show evidence that he is able to care for the children for an extended period of time."

The incident took place on April 13 in Austin, Texas. Nina allegedly caught her husband cheating on her with another woman at a rented home. The Austin Police Department responded to a call about a disturbance and said: "We observed that a black female wearing an orange sweater with a knife in her hand, later identified as Nina Thomas, was chasing a shirtless black male, later identified as Earl Thomas, with a pistol in his hand around a vehicle."

Court documents said that Thomas left his home earlier in the day after an argument with Nina. Thomas' brother, Seth Thomas, picked him up. She decided to check on her husband later in the day to find out where he had gone. She logged on to his Snapchat account and discovered that he was with another woman. The documents say that Nina used his Snapchat account to track his location to a nearby Airbnb rental.

Nina reportedly grabbed his pistol, a 9mm Berretta, due to wanting to "scare him." The police report says when Nina and two other women she called to help arrived, they "discovered Earl and Seth naked in bed with other women." The report continued and said that Nina then pulled out the gun and put it to Thomas' head. She said she took out the magazine, thinking that the gun could not fire. However, police said Nina was "unaware that the gun had a round in the chamber."

The couple had reportedly been working on the relationship after the violent standoff. Nina bought Thomas a diamond chain for his birthday while posting multiple messages on social media about her. Now, however, the situation has changed.