Duke Basketball Legend Carlos Boozer Previews Upcoming NCAA Tournament (Exclusive)

It's time for March Madness as the NCAA Tournament begins on Tuesday. Carlos Boozer, a former Duke basketball and NBA star knows all about the tournament as he helped Duke win it all in 2001. PopCulture.com recently caught up with Boozer, who revealed which teams have the best chance of winning the college basketball tournament. 

"I mean, there's probably eight teams, right?" Boozer exclusively told PopCulture. "I would say that all have a legit chance to cut the nets down. I mean, you talk about your Gonzagas, your Dukes, Arizona, Auburn, Kentucky. There's some sleeper teams out there too. I know I'm talking about the top of the crop, but Arkansas made a hell of a run towards the end of their regular season. They upset some good teams. They beat Auburn; they beat Tennessee. They're very good."

One of the good things about the tournament is a few teams who aren't expected to win it all make a deep run. And Boozer believes this year will be no different. "I think it's one of those moments in the course of college basketball where you just got to be hot for six games," Boozer said. "Whatever team is the hottest team playing its best basketball for six games is going to cut the nets down. So that's what makes it so exciting. Now, we all talk about the top 10, the top eight, the top five teams in the country, but there's going to be someone who upsets somebody and creeps in there. And I can't wait to see who it is." 

Boozer was a member of the 2001 Duke team that also featured Mike Dunleavy, Jay Williams and Shane Battier. Dunleavy is now the assistant general manager of the Golden State Warriors, Williams works for ESPN and Battier played in the NBA for 13 years and won two NBA championships with the Miami Heat.


To help celebrate the tournament, Boozer has partnered up with SAXX Underwear to promote the band's new vasectomy registry. Boozer appears in a new commercial for SAXX Underwear which premiered last week. "I'm partnered up with SAXX underwear, terrific brand," Boozer said. "This is one of the times of the year where March Madness, everybody's kind of getting comfortable watching basketball games. So why not get a vasectomy?" Fans can watch the 2022 NCAA Tournament on CBS, truTV, TNT and TBS.