Drew Brees Shows off Arm Strength By Breaking Gatorade Bottle

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees finished the 2018 season amid growing concerns about his arm strength, or lack thereof, but one Gatorade bottle shows that the veteran is still ready to lead his team to the Super Bowl.

Throughout training camp, Brees has been putting together a series of accuracy competitions that have been dubbed "the Saints QB Challenge." Some of these battles involve throwing footballs at targets while others showcase the ability to throw a basketball through the hoop from a designated spot. One challenge was Mario Kart-themed. It's easy to see that Brees is a father.

The latest iteration was a test of arm strength and accuracy in which the Saints' quarterbacks had to throw footballs at Gatorade bottles that were placed on various platforms. Each hit on the bottle resulted in 1-3 points while a hit on the platform resulted in a loss of one point.

As one of the most accurate quarterbacks in NFL history, Brees easily won the competition, but his winning throw was the best of the day. The 40-year-old quarterback launched a football at a Gatorade placed near the back of the group and hit it with such force that the top of the bottle broke and spilled the drink all over the field. It definitely didn't appear that he was having any issues with arm strength during this competition.

While it would seem like a waste to break open bottles of Gatorade and dump the contents all over the practice field, Brees' teammates were on hand to guarantee that the quarterbacks weren't needlessly wasting tasty beverages.

Defender Cameron Jordan quickly scooped up the bottle from the final throw and drank what was left while walking off the field. Yes, the bottle was broken but there was no reason for Jordan to waste a perfectly good sports drink. Those electrolytes weren't going to replenish themselves. For those keeping track, it appeared that the flavor was Gatorade Frost, which has long been viewed as one of the best.

To celebrate the victory, Brees' teammates opened up a container of Gatorade Fruit Punch and slowly poured it down his back. Very similar to celebrating a Super Bowl victory, but on a slightly smaller scale.


While winning the QB Challenge was important for the veteran quarterback, what really mattered was that he proved he still has arm strength to make the needed throws. The Saints want to win a Super Bowl before Brees retires, and his arm strength will be critical in this pursuit.