Donovan McNabb Discusses Racial Double Standards on Kevin Hart's 'Cold As Balls: Cold Calls'

The fourth season of Kevin Hart's Cold As Balls continued on Thursday in its new format. Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb virtually joined Hart on the couch for the Laugh Out Loud interview show and spoke about his time in Philadelphia and serving as a spokesperson for Campbell's Chunky Soup. McNabb also explained that black quarterbacks in the NFL have to prove themselves due to everyone trying to move them to other positions.

"The problem with the world today is when we are African American and run a 4.5 (40-yard dash), they automatically say, 'hey, you know what? He can possibly move to receiver,'" McNabb said. "So now you're talking to me like I can move to running back, safety, receiver, tight end. Like hold on, tight end? Wait a minute, player. I'm not getting on the line and putting my hands on nobody."

The discussion between the two Philadelphia figures continued with McNabb explaining that he helped bring Terrell Owens to the Eagles in order to improve the offense. However, he faced drama in the locker room that created constant headlines. During this time, McNabb tried to fix the issues between him and Owens by communicating with the wide receiver. He also tried to make it clear to the locker room that winning will cure every issue on the team. Ultimately, Owens departed Philadelphia after only two seasons and one Super Bowl appearance in order to join the rival Dallas Cowboys.

Like the first episode of Cold As Balls: Cold Calls, Hart had to guess the identity of his guest. The longtime comedian "struggled" with this segment once again and proclaimed that Bo Jackson was the person on the other end of the line. He was incorrect and instead greeted the former quarterback of his favorite NFL team. Although Hart did start the interview by calling McNabb ugly. The six-time Pro Bowler responded with some jokes about Hart's height.

If this interview took place during any other season of Cold As Balls, Hart and McNabb would talk to each other while sitting in cold tubs on the locker room set. However, the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the standard filming schedule. Instead of sitting in ice water, Hart could only interview his guests with video conference apps. This benefited him in that he didn't have security specialist Bam Bam pouring extra ice in his tub every time that he answered a question incorrectly.