Donald Trump Sends Message to Dustin Johnson After Winning FedEx Cup

Dustin Johnson is having a very good start to his week as he won the FedEx Cup in Atlanta on Monday. And not only did he win the prestigious tournament, but he also took home $15 million in prize money. President Donald Trump went to Twitter to congratulate Johnson on his big win.

"Congratulations to [Dustin Johnson] on not only a great winning streak and golf season, but on capping it off with a fantastic [PGA] Tour Championship and becoming the 2020 FEDEXCUP Champion," Trump wrote. "Dustin is a true WINNER in so many ways!" Johnson might be happy with the President of the United States sending him a message, but he revealed what really caught his attention after winning the FedEx Cup.

"The prestige, for sure," Johnson said via ESPN. "Being a FedEx Cup champion is something that I really wanted to do. I wanted to hold that trophy at the end of the day. It was something that I wanted to accomplish during my career." Back in 2017, Trump played a round of golf with Johnson and Tiger Woods at the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida. Earlier in the year, Trump appeared on NBC to about his love for the sport.

"I love golf, I love even the exercise," he said while also talking about Johnson and other gofers playing in the TaylorMade Driver Relief charity skins game. "It's a great game. It's really so great to see these great players playing. I know them and they’re really terrific people." Johnson, 36, made history on Monday when he became the first No. 1 seed at the Tour Championship to win the FedEx Cup since Tiger Woods in 2009. He knew he was in a good spot to win, but he also knew winning the FedEx Cup was going to be challenging.

"It's a very tough trophy to win," Johnson said. "I controlled my own destiny, but I still had to go out and play well. I had a lot of great players right behind me. It got close at the end. I knew it was going to come down the stretch and I'd have to hit some golf shots." Johnson has 23 PGA Tour wins in his career including one major championship, which is the U.S. Open in 2016.