Dallas Cowboys Legend DeMarcus Ware Weighs in on Team's Chances of Winning Super Bowl (Exclusive)

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now, winning five straight games after losing to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the season opener. But can this team reach and win its first Super Bowl in 26 years? PopCulture.com recently spoke to Cowboys legend DeMarcus Ware who revealed how the team can earn their sixth championship in franchise history. 

"I think every team every year has a chance to win the Super Bowl," Ware told PopCulture. "It just depends on how they come together in the offseason. They didn't have a COVID season last year, they had OTAs and mini camps, the training camps, you can see that, you know, those guys are really been coming too. So, you know, I think the sky's the limit for them. They're making the playoffs and they've been playing well, it's all about, can they be healthy at the end of the season? So it's going to boil down to that. But those guys have everything that they need to get to where they need to be."

The Cowboys have been effective on both sides of the ball. Quarterback Dak Prescott, who missed nearly all of 2020 due to an ankle injury, has thrown 16 touchdowns and four interceptions while running back Ezekiel Elliott has rushed for 521 yards and five touchdowns. On defense, cornerback Trevon Diggs is the leading candidate for Defensive Player of the Year, recording seven interceptions and two defensive touchdowns. But Ware also pointed out a few more defenders who have made an impact. 

"Micha Parsons being one of them because I got to coach him a little bit and mentor him this season, seeing how athletic he is, how impactful he's been this season, it's been great," Ware said. "And then you go back to this, like Demarcus Lawrence. And I started looking at, you know, Diggs and you know, [Leighton] Vander Esch, Jaylon [Smith], he's gone now, but how all those guys playing together. 

"And like last year, what was missing was that edge. And now you see these guys playing with aggressiveness. When you start saying, 'Hey, can we match the Dallas Cowboys intensity?' That's what you want to hear from a defense. So that's a good thing to hear. And just being part of that with some of those guys with Randy Gregory too, as well, it's been really cool with this all season. So those are a lot of the guys I've really been surprised about how they just flipped from last year, all the way to this year in balling out."