Deion Sanders Invites Instagram Model to Talk to Jackson State Football Players

Deion Sanders is thinking outside the box when it comes to getting his players ready for life off the field. The Pro Football Hall of Famer and head coach of the Jackson State Football team recently invited Instagram model Brittany Renner to talk to his players about sliding into women's DMs. Sanders posted a video of Renner talking to his players while explaining why he made the move.

"It's my responsibility as a Coach to prepare my young men for any and everything on the field and off," Sanders wrote. "I brought in [Renner]to educate them on how the game is played between man & woman at their age & stage. The message may not be for everybody but trust me it's for somebody. While talking to the players, Renner revealed only certain users can message her. 

"My DMs are like a Nike store, it's nothing but blue checks," she said, per Saturday Down South. "… Honestly, when you reach a certain status, you can have the pick of the litter. I'm talking heavy hitters, some of y'alls favorite rappers, NBA players, football players. To me, once you reach that level of popularity, the world is your oyster."  She went on to say you can use it to your advantage or abuse it. 

"Everybody wants something," she said. "Even if we both have our own thing going on. Me still being with you is a good look because you boost my stock. I boost your stock, it's just that simple. It's like a give and take, but you have to be aware of what you're signing up for."  

Renner was dating NBA star PJ Washington, and the two share a son. She broke up with Washington a few months after their son was born, and Washington would go social media to accuse Renner of faking their relationship. Renner posted the video of her talking to the Jackson State players and talked about the rumors about her. 


"I cried almost every single day for months because not only was I embarrassed, I was so disappointed in the person I believed in," Renner wrote. "To be thrown to the wolves with tweets saying I was faking it all along was the most hurtful thing about this whole ordeal. I'm a lot of things but A LIAR HAS NEVER BEEN ONE!!! I'm free now."