David Spade Thinks Titans Coach Mike Vrabel Looks Just Like Ryan Reynolds, and We Can't Unsee It

The Tennessee Titans and head coach Mike Vrabel are preparing for a critical playoff battle against the Baltimore Ravens, but David Spade has his attention focused elsewhere. The actor and comedian revealed that he has found a dopperlganger for Vrabel. Spade believes that the Titans head coach looks just like actor Ryan Reynolds.

"[Titans] coach Mike Vrabel looks like [Ryan Reynolds]," Spade wrote on Twitter recently. "Give it a second. Let it sink in. Give it a chance."

Spade may believe that the Titans coach looks just like Reynolds, but the football fans did not entirely agree. They either didn't see a resemblance or thought that it was only minor. However, the fans did say that a different head coach could be brothers with Reynolds.

"He looks like an older [Michael Phelps]," one user responded on Twitter. This was a common theme as some compared the Olympian to the Titans head coach. Others simply said that True Blood actor Joe Manganiello was a more fitting doppelganger.

The vast majority of users did believe that Spade but wrong, but there were some that agreed. They actually said that this same thought had popped up during a close-up on the Titans sideline. Although these posts were fewer in number than those disagreeing with Spade.

Many responded to this post on Twitter simply so they could ask if Spade was under the influence of too much alcohol or any other substances. They also wondered if he needed to get his eyes checked after comparing Vrabel and Reynolds.

Whether or not football fans agree with Spade, they will be given another opportunity to compare the coach and actor. The Titans will be playing the Ravens during the AFC Divisional Round on Saturday night. Vrabel's team is coming off a victory over the New England Patriots and have hopes of upsetting another Super Bowl contender. Although doing so will require shutting down quarterback Lamar Jackson and a historic rushing offense.


If the Titans can continue winning, Vrabel will see more and more screen time. This will only provide football fans with more opportunities to examine his face and see once and for all if he truly compares to the star of The Hitman's Bodyguard. If the Titans lose, however, they can switch over to the Packers game and look at Matt LaFleur.

Photo Credit: Adam Glanzman/Getty Images