Dan Matha, Former NXT Wrestler, Reveals Intense Car Crash Photos, Injuries Before Getting His WWE Release

Professional wrestler Dan Matha was one of many performers released by the WWE due to cost-cutting measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic. His release from the sports entertainment company, as it turns out, took place after he was involved in an accident. Weeks earlier, he had been involved in an auto accident that resulted in him being forcibly ejected from the car.

Matha posted several photos on Twitter Sunday morning that showed the aftermath of a crash. His wrecked car was shown, as was a nasty gash on the back of his head. Matha also showed himself on a hospital bed with a bloody bandage on the pillow. Finally, the wrestler revealed that he had been ejected from the vehicle during the crash.

The former WWE star announced that he was "alive and well" for the record. The fans reacted to this news by proclaiming that Matha is "blessed" and that someone up above is watching out for him. Others were just saddened that he had been released by WWE and wanted to tell him that the company was making a massive mistake by cutting ties due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Several wrestlers were released, but many fans believe that Matha should have been given the opportunity to remain on the roster.


"You're a beast for surviving that crash holy f— bro. Hope to see you back in a ring for some company after all this is over," another fan added to the conversation. There were several users on social media that were downright shocked that Matha had survived the crash. One even compared his head to a "meteor impact picture."

Matha originally signed a developmental contract with WWE in September 2015. He was set to make his debut as part of NXT television in October of the following year, but he was hit with a surprise attack from Samoa Joe. He ultimately appeared in five dark matches but never officially wrestled a match on NXT. Matha also participated in the Greatest Royal Rumble in April 2018, where he was one of 50 competitors of the main event.