Dallas Cowboys 'Honor' Black Cat During 'Sunday Night Football'

With the Dallas Cowboys playing in primetime for the third consecutive week, there was an expectation that the team would draw attention with some big plays or wild moments. What the viewers weren't prepared for, however, was for the team to poke fun at a moment that happened during a previous game. This is exactly what transpired when the Cowboys introduced "MVP Rally Cat" as an official member of the team.

The feline in question is actually the black cat that ran onto the field last Monday when the Cowboys were playing the rival New York Giants. This invasion of the field derailed play for minutes on end and created a viral moment on social media. It also set the stage for a comeback by Dak Prescott and co.

The cat ran onto the field during the second quarter of Monday's game between NFC East rivals. The Cowboys were losing 9-3 at the time while the Giants were driving toward another score. Dallas was in danger of losing, but they rallied after the cat's appearance and headed home with a 37-18 victory.

Given that MVP Rally Cat was partially responsible for the victory on Monday, it was only fitting that the Cowboys make it an honorary member of the team. Although introducing it after the starting quarterback could make Prescott feel slighted.

What's interesting about this introduction is the effort that went into the graphic. Specifically, a closer look shows that the Cowboys' star logo is actually shown in the eyes of the cat. That's a minor detail that many likely did not notice, but the team wanted to prove that MVP Rally Cat truly had their best interests in mind.

Tribute aside, how is former starting quarterback Tony Romo supposed to feel about his number being given to a feline? The former undrafted free agent is the franchise's all-time leader in passing yards (34,183) and touchdowns (248). Normally, achieving these feats would result in the jersey being retired so that it could be hung in the rafters and honored at every home game. Instead, the Cowboys awarded number nine to MVP Rally Cat.

The four-time Pro Bowl QB in Romo is likely not concerned in the slightest considering that he is enjoying a successful career as a broadcaster for CBS, but the Cowboys could have gone in a different route. Former backup quarterback Jon Kitna's number three jersey was available.


Granted, this argument doesn't actually matter given that the cat isn't a member of the team, but at least the Cowboys gave the fans something to chuckle about on Sunday night.

(Photo Credit: Rich Graes fourthsle/Icon Sportswire/Getty)