Some Dallas Cowboys Fans Not Thrilled After Ezekiel Elliot Contract Extension Photo Gets Tweeted

The Dallas Cowboys are certainly happy that running back Ezekiel Elliott is back in the building [...]

The Dallas Cowboys are certainly happy that running back Ezekiel Elliott is back in the building with a new contract in hand. Instead of hearing comments all season long about a possible extension, the deal was completed so that the team could focus on defeating each opponent and returning to the postseason. This is critical considering that expectations for this 2019 squad are sky-high and anything less than a berth in the NFC Championship will be unacceptable. Although a trip to the Super Bowl is the ideal scenario.

In order to express their excitement about Zeke's return, the Dallas Cowboys posted the news on Twitter. In the caption, the team acknowledged that this was the post all of the fans had been anticipating. As it turns out, however, the celebration of Zeke's deal was not met with an overwhelmingly positive response.

There were many fans that were far more frustrated that the team bent to his demands and rewarded with a massive deal.

Judging from the top comments under the post on Twitter, fans aren't particularly excited about this extension. Yes, they are happy that Zeke is back in the building, but the cost is what is driving them crazy.

There were multiple comments about the Cowboys needing to put a conduct clause into the contract, mostly based upon previous off-the-field incidents involving the star running back. Zeke has been suspended six games in his career for legal problems, and the fans want to make sure that he isn't paid in case of any potential upcoming problems.

Similarly, there were other comments about Zeke's ability to properly manage his newfound wealth. Many NFL stars have signed massive contracts in the past only to lose their money in a few short years. Adrian Peterson of the Washington Redskins dealt with this issue after some bad investments, and many fans believe that Zeke will be following suit.

Ultimately, the prevailing thought on social media is that this massive contract extension achieved the goal of getting Zeke back in the building in time for the 2019 regular season. However, there are still obvious concerns about whether or not handing him this much money was a wise decision. Only time will tell if the Cowboys made the right call, but the fans aren't being patient.