Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Wife Amy Shares Photos of Her 'Tiny Girl,' and Fans Are Gushing

Fans of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife Amy cannot get enough of the couple's young daughter, Isla. While the NASCAR star is typically busy with his work covering the races for NBC Sports, he always manages to find time for some quality time with his family. And when he doesn't, Amy is right there to carry the torch.

When it comes to their daughter, Amy sometimes can take the torch and run with it, leaving her husband to play catchup. Recently she's dropped a ton of photos of her "tiny girl" and fans are loving every moment.

The latest set of shots shows Isla at play on the beach while Amy Earnhardt controls the camera.

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"Waking up to sand and the sun feeds my soul so much!" Amy wrote in the caption for the photoset. "My tiny girl seems to feel the same."

The shots earned a blushing smiley face from NASCAR star Jimmie Johnson and plenty of praise from fans.

"So cute wish I was there," one fan wrote.

"LOVE her swimsuit!! You can hear the joy in her voice as she’s walking down the beach," another fan wrote. "Isla just keeps smashing the sand on, working to figure out that little hole in the fruit. She’s curious and determined as can be!"

"The way she’s beating that sand on the papaya," a third added. "She’s rough, but she sure is beautiful! I see so much of her grandfather in that concentrating face."

Prior to the late fall beach trip, Amy Earnhardt has shared many big firsts with fans on her social media page. Just a week ago they got to see how Isla reacted to seeing her first motorcycle in motion, with many fans dying over her little outfit.

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They also got a chance to see her first trick-or-treat experience, with her father Dale Jr. by her side.


"First trick-or-treat and her first tootsie roll! Her Daddy may have eaten a few pieces of candy, which is why she wouldn’t put that last one in her bucket," Earnhardt wrote in the caption.

The Earnhardts have certainly become a favorite couple for fans online. Their desire to share their daughter with the public is a gamble that is paying off in a positive way. It's also nice to embrace the positive moments and family love after you've almost had a bit of a tragedy thanks to a plane crash in Tennessee.