Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Wife Amy Reveals ‘Prom Night’ Photo From Their NASCAR Awards Outing

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife, Am,y attended the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Awards in Nashville, Tennessee this past weekend and they took it back to high school when it comes to their wardrobe. On Instagram, Amy posted a photo of her and Dale on the black carpet and in the caption she wrote, "Prom Night." Dale was wearing a black suit with a white shirt while Amy was wearing a black dress.

There were several fans who commented on their style. One fan wrote, "Stunning! Loving the glow, the dress...everything."

Another fan had a message for the couple as they walked the black carpet. The Instagram user wrote: "Dang, looking soooo hot!!! You look good, too, Mrs. Amy!"

And this fan almost didn't recognize the couple. The fan wrote, "Holy s—.... Ya'll clean up nice, @mrsamyearnhardt don't even look like you. I had to get a close up, [Dale Earnhardt Jr.] ya'll look (fire emoji)."

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It looked like Earnhardt's had a great time in Nashville. In fact, when Dale was asked about the city, he talked about the history of NASCAR in Nashville as well as the strong music scene.

"This town feels like a homecoming in a sense, for our sport, there's a lot of history here with NASCAR," said at this year's awards, when talking about the Fairgrounds Speedway and another racing complex outside of Nashville. "But there's also a great, great relationship, a strong relationship with the music industry here in Nashville, that can only get stronger and present a lot of opportunities for artists and our drivers to do a lot of work together and cross-promote throughout the year. It's a fun town to celebrate anything in, so we're enjoying that."

Earnhardt retired from racing full time in 2017 but he will compete in at least one race per year. However, he recently said he would race more if NASCAR returned to Nashville.


"I think we belong in Nashville," Earnhardt said. "I think we belong in Nashville racing cars. That's more important than even having the banquet there. It's a great place for us to be racing and we should be racing there."

He continued: "If they ever did run an (NASCAR) Xfinity race there and it's in the next four or five years I'd love to put that on my calendar as a race to go run. Because that was a lot [of] fun when we used to race there in '98 and '99. I had more fun probably racing the late model there with [Joe] Buford and [Chad[ Chafin and all of those guys back in the day."