Dale Earnhardt Jr. Reveals Before-and-After Photos After Wife Amy Cuts His Hair During Quarantine

With the COVID-19 outbreak forcing residents to remain at home in self-quarantine, millions are unable to visit their favorite barber or stylist. NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. is among this group, but he has found a solution. His wife Amy cut his hair after ordering a new pair of clippers.

Earnhardt posted two photos on Instagram that showed the before and after looks. His hair was long and curly in the first photo, but the second showed a much cleaner look. Earnhardt's hair was short, and he appeared to be happy with the results. "[Amy Earnhardt] got her clippers in the mail today. I feel so much better," Earnhardt wrote in the caption of his photo.

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"Nice job, Amy!" NBC Sports analyst Rutledge Wood wrote in response to the photos. Several others agreed with this comment and said that they were impressed with Amy's ability. Some even said that she had given her husband a nice fade and that she had cut "10 years" off of Earnhardt while making him look much younger.

With Amy showing off her ability to cut Earnhardt's hair, there were some other figures that wondered if she was available. NASCAR driver Jeb Burton said that he is in need of a haircut after being stuck at home. However, he is worried about his wife taking the clippers to him.

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the lives of millions around the world due to "non-essential" businesses closing and large public gatherings being banned. Barbershops are no longer providing services due to health and safety concerns, meaning that multitudes of people have been forced to either shave their heads or attempt to cut their own hair at home.


Nathan Fillion, the star of ABC's The Rookie, recently revealed on Instagram that he has given himself a haircut multiple times. He has plenty of practice due to cutting his own hair during scuba trips or holiday vacations, but the look is still a work in progress. However, Fillion said on Instagram that his recent attempt drew "rave reviews" from his mom over FaceTime.

"Right now, I have a very short haircut, so it doesn't take a lot of time for it to get unkempt and unruly, so I'm a once-a-week kind of a haircut fella," Fillion told The Hollywood Reporter. "I just pull out the clippers, set the guard for whatever length I'm looking for and I start attacking my head. I have varying degrees of success but no outright complaints so far — except from my hairdresser."