CrossFit: Eric Roza Signs Final Contract to Purchase Greg Glassman's Company

On June 24, CrossFit Interim CEO Dave Castro revealed that founder and owner Greg Glassman was selling the company following allegations of a sexist workplace and "rampant sexual harassment." One month later, tech executive Eric Roza signed the contract to become the new owner. He confirmed the news with a long letter to affiliate owners around the world.

"At CrossFit, every day we learn the value of hard work, resilience, and shared sacrifice towards a common goal," Roza wrote on Friday. "Following a month of hard work by several dozen individuals on our respective deal teams, I'm delighted to report we have signed the final contract to purchase 100% of CrossFit from Greg Glassman. I will be joined in acquiring CrossFit by Berkshire Partners, a Boston-based investment firm, and we will be putting 1% of the stock into a non-voting trust for Maggie Glassman and their kids."

Roza continued to explain in his letter that he "sees boundless opportunities" for CrossFit to become a leading brand for health, happiness and performance. However, there are considerable challenges. Roza said that he and his team spoke to hundreds of people about the issues with the company and learned about the "alienation" felt by current and former members of the community.

"The consistent themes have been a profound belief in the unparalleled power of CrossFit to change lives; a mandate that CrossFit provide a culture of inclusion that works tirelessly to eliminate racism, sexism, and bias; and a recognition that success in tackling these challenges will require us all to come together as part of the solution," Roza continued. He said that change is needed and that the company must think outside of the box to reach people. Thousands of members and affiliate owners expressed dissatisfaction with CrossFit during the later stages of Glassman's ownership, especially after he tweeted about George Floyd, a Black man who died while in police custody.


In addition to addressing the concerns of inclusion, Roza also confirmed that the 2020 CrossFit Games will take place. He said that the company is working hard to deliver the annual test of fitness in mid-September, as opposed to early August. There are considerable concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Roza said that he is working with athletes, their managers and local and federal agencies to deliver the Games to fans. Although this will likely take place without fans in attendance due to health and safety concerns.