'Criminal Minds' Star Shemar Moore Trolls Patrick Mahomes After Super Bowl Loss

Sunday night, the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers faced off during Super Bowl LV. Patrick Mahomes was unable to lead a touchdown drive during the game due to having no protection from his offensive line, resulting in several comments on social media. Actor Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds, S.W.A.T.) was among this group, and he used the opportunity to troll the quarterback.

The actor posted a photo on Instagram that showed Brady wearing a Patriots T-shirt. A child sat on his shoulders, but the face did not belong to one of the quarterback's children. Instead, Mahomes' head sat on the body. Considering that the defending Super Bowl MVP did not defeat Brady in the championship game, it was understandable that he had a sad expression on his face.

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"I love Mahomes... and he will rule the next decade.... but... tonight was a lesson in.... RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!!!! [GOAT] [12] BRADY!!! GREATEST EVER!!!! White boy can’t run to save his life!!! But... 43 years old and SHUTTING MOUTHS!!!! .... PURE RESPECT!!!!" Moore wrote in the caption of the Instagram post. He added several emojis to drive his point home.

Moore was not the only person poking fun at Mahomes after a game in which he ran for 497 yards while trying to escape the pass rush, only to watch the receivers drop passes at inopportune times. Several other people on social media also posted various memes that showed the Chiefs QB next to Brady. One, in particular, featured the 43-year-old posing with wife Gisele Bundchen and his three children. However, the heads were replaced by Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Mahomes.

The memes continued with other references to Brady's dominance during the postseason. One showed Mahomes and Rodgers sitting at a table next to Jake from State Farm while the Chiefs QB was squeezing a bottle of ketchup. "So you guys really lost to a 43-year-old?" the caption said.


Mahomes has become one of the NFL's best players since landing with the Chiefs as a first-round pick in 2017. He only started one game during his rookie season before taking over as the full-time starter and throwing for 50 touchdowns. Mahomes' success continued in 2019 as he led the team to Super Bowl LIV and a victory over the San Francisco 49ers, walking away with MVP in the process.

While he led the Chiefs back to the Big Game in 2020, Mahomes didn't throw for any touchdowns against the Todd Bowles-led defense. He finished with 270 yards and two interceptions. The Buccaneers also sacked him three times while applying constant pressure.