Cowboys Kicker Brett Maher Kicks Record-Breaking 63-Yard Field Goal Against Eagles

Dallas Cowboys kicker Brett Maher needed a big game on Sunday night to help his team achieve victory against the rival Philadelphia Eagles. He did just that, nailing all three attempted field goals and all four extra points. To cap off his day, Maher set a franchise record with a 63-yard field goal.

With four seconds remaining in the first half, the Cowboys sent Maher out to attempt a 63-yard kick and potentially put extra points on the board. With a 24-7 lead, adding even three more points would give the team an extra boost heading into the second half of the game. Maher successfully converted to make the score 27-7.

With this kick, Maher set the Cowboys' franchise record for the longest field goal, but this wasn't his only record-setting moment. He also became the only player in NFL history to successfully make three field goals longer than 60 yards.

According to the Sunday Night Football broadcast, the make probability for this 63-yard kick was a mere 26.9 percent. The players on both teams were well aware of this fact, which is one reason why safety Rudy Ford was lined up in the end zone and looking for a potential return. The members of the Cowboys special teams unit also all ran for the goal line in case the kick was short.

The only player that remained following the kick was Maher. He simply stood in place and raised his fist in celebration.

This is actually the second game in a row that Maher has converted on a kick longer than 60 yards, which is yet another NFL record. He is the only player in league history to do so, per NFL Research.

Interestingly enough, this is actually the second field goal longer than 60 yards that Maher has kicked against the Philadelphia Eagles. The first came during a December 2018 overtime victory that helped seal the division title.

Heading into Sunday night's game, the fans of America's Team had expressed some concern about Maher and his ability to continue producing when called upon. He was coming off a game against the Jets in which he missed one attempted field goal, which upped his total number to four on the season. This includes a loss against the Green Bay Packers in which he missed on two of his attempts.


However, the Cowboys' coaching staff continued to show trust in Maher's abilities, letting him attempt yet another field goal over 60 yards. He justified this decision with the conversion and provided an emotional boost during a must-win rivalry game.

(Photo Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty)