'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Shows How He's Staying in Shape Amid Coronavirus Self-Quarantine

COVID-19 concerns have led to people around the world putting themselves into self-quarantine in pursuit of keeping fellow citizens safe. This decision has resulted in them striving to find new ways to keep active and get some exercise in without going to the gym. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin is now showing how he is keeping fit while remaining at home.

The longtime WWE star posted two photos on Instagram recently that showed his garage gym. The setup did not include multiple treadmills, exercise bikes, and yoga mats. Instead, Austin's gym primarily consists of a massive squat rack. This is a multi-purpose setup, however, in that he can use the upper J-hooks to hold his barbell for full squats, or he can slide a bench over and use the lower J-hooks to do his bench press workouts.

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"Broken Skull Gym. Operating at full capacity of two members. Stay safe. Let's get through this," Austin wrote in the caption of his post. He is clearly following social distancing protocol and isn't sharing his gym with any outsiders.

In addition to the squat rack, Austin also has one other machine that sits nearby. He has a Preacher Curl station to work on his upper arms. Finally, he has a number of dumbbells and kettlebells for workouts that don't involve the squat rack or his barbell.

"I'm jealous of that set up," one Instagram user commented after seeing this post. Several fans saw this gym setup and were ready to go dine at the weight buffet. If possible, they wanted to put a squat rack in their own garage and begin lifting weights.

There have been several prominent figures striving to show off their workouts in recent days to help their fans remain motivated. One example is the "see 10, do 10 push-ups" challenge that has been making the rounds on Instagram. Essentially, one person will do push-ups and then tag some of their friends or followers, who are then required to do their own set.

Additionally, country star Carrie Underwood launched her Fit52 app, which uses a digital deck of cards to assign workouts to users. These randomized cards will spit out a number of reps and a workout. Fans can also follow the exact workout that Underwood does on a daily basis.


(Photo Credit: Moses Robinson/Getty Images for Wendy's)