Coronavirus: 2 ESPN Employees Test Positive Amid Pandemic

ESPN is one of the latest companies dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. In a memo obtained by [...]

ESPN is one of the latest companies dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. In a memo obtained by USA Today, two ESPN employees in its New York office tested positive for COVID-19. The memo doesn't include the names of the employees, but it said the last time the two were in the office were on March 11 and 12th.

ESPN said the areas where the two employees work have been disinfected and deep cleaned repeatedly since March 12. (The office in New York isn't the main office, as that one is located in Bristol, Connecticut.) The news of the two ESPN employees comes on the heels of ESPN investigative reporter T.J. Quinn revealing he has coronavirus-like symptoms. However, Quinn revealed he hasn't gotten tested for the illness and he explained why.

"So I'm not going to the ER, where they're overwhelmed. I'm not getting tested when I might take a test that someone sicker or more vulnerable might need," Quinn wrote on Twitter. "I told the few people I've been around since Thursday that they might have been exposed and should quarantine."

Quinn continued: "On the other hand, if I do have it, it means I'm one of who-knows-how-many people who are not part of official statistics. Because there aren't enough tests. In one of the wealthiest counties in the U.S. (not my house, but, still).

"STAY INSIDE. You might not know you have it. If you develop MILD symptoms, don't freak out and go to the ER. Call your doctor, follow advice. And try to ignore financial news because now I'm developing a heart condition."

According to the CDC, there are over 15,000 cases of coronavirus in the U.S. and 201 deaths as of this writing. Of those cases, 337 are travel-related cases while 321 are close contact. The remaining cases are under investigation.

Due to no college or professional sports being played, ESPN has changed their day-to-day coverage. On Sunday, ESPN aired WWE's WrestleMania 30 to get fans ready for WrestleMania 36 which will air on the WWE Network on April 4 and April 5. The network will also air WrestleMania 32 on March 29 and WrestleMania 35 on April 7. Also on Sunday, ESPN2 switched to ESPN8: The Ocho and several unique events aired such as marble racing and sign spinning.