Conor McGregor Photographed Being Questioned by Police Ahead of Weekend Arrest

French authorities arrested former UFC fighter, Conor McGregor, on Saturday over allegations of sexual assault and indecent exposure. The authorities later released him and did not file any charges. One day prior to the arrest, photos surfaced showing McGregor speaking with officers.

According to TMZ Sports, McGregor was with his fiancee, their children and his parents when the authorities questioned him about the alleged incident. He was in the area for the Calvi Water Bike Challenge, which is hosted by his friend Princess Charlene of Monaco. McGregor later withdrew from the event following his arrest and subsequent release. His reps later strongly proclaimed that no charges have been filed.

"I am irate and putting out a warning loud and clear: Conor McGregor is not and will not be a target for those seeking to score a headline or a payday," said McGregor's manager, Audie Attar, in a statement to MMA Fighting. His attorney, Emmanuelle Ramon, also referred to the allegations as "abusive."

Following the incident over the weekend, McGregor startled followers on Twitter with two now-deleted tweets. He said that he "can't go on like this" and that he is "crushed." He also responded to a self-proclaimed "Certified Suicide Intervention Specialist" that said England can keep McGregor. He called her a hypocrite due to the insult at a "horrendous" time in his life.

While McGregor did ultimately delete the tweets, he reportedly released a statement on his private Facebook page. Harry Williams of SevereMMA captured screenshots and posted them on social media. McGregor started by explaining that he won't kill himself before addressing the allegations.


"I will never kill myself no matter how many wish for it," McGregor wrote on his Facebook page, per "Try set me up all yous f—ing want over and over and over the truth will always set me free! Be it baby father claims, rape, indecent exposure, bulls— WhatsApp group s—. You f—ing name it. Never will I fold!

"The truth is the truth and it gives me wings," McGregor continued. "I know my character! God bless DNA! God bless Cctv! God bless Eye witness! God bless the truth! The truth is power! I am free! Never will a dime be paid to anyone coming at me with vicious lies! Not now not f—ing ever! I will fight! And I am only beginning my fight! All these past incidents you will see! They will not be forgotten! I will not allow these people to just accuse me and then disappear into the dark to attempt to ruin someone else life! No f—ing way!"