CM Punk Reportedly Involved in Physical Confrontation Backstage at AEW All In

CM Punk and Jack Perry are not big fans of each other.

CM Punk had a physical altercation with another All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star backstage at AEW: All In on Sunday, according to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select. Punk and Jack Perry got into an altercation shortly before Punk went to the ring for his match. Perry competed against Hook for the FTW Championship and did a spot on a car window. During that spot, Perry went to the camera and said, "It's real glass, cry me a river." Sapp mentioned that Perry was taking a shot at Punk because the two had a previous conflict at AEW Collison this summer because Perry insisted on using real glass for a spot on the show. 

Sapp learned Punk's side of the story and said that Perry approached him, "stepped in his face" and "bumped" Punk. This led to Punk pushing Perry, who then allegedly "Came at Punk and got choked." Sapp said that Miro claimed that Punk's side of the story was "fake and untrue" and other versions of the story say that Punk threw a punch at Perry and stepped at Perry first. According to PWInsider, Perry was sent away from the show, which took place at Wembley Stadium in London. Punk was then asked to leave and both were removed by security, according to Wrestling Observer

The previous confrontation happened earlier this month, and Sapp said that Perry wanted to use real glass for a backstage segment. Punk believed Perry wanted to do this because he was looking to not work next week. Sapp reported Punk's side of the things and said that Perry was going against doctors, production and Tony Schiavone when it comes to using real glass, and Perry was not happy. Punk was asked to step in and say we don't do that on Saturdays (for Collison), but as the situation got to the locker room, it was referred to as an argument. 

Punk is no stranger to backstage confrontations. Last year, the 44-year-old professional wrestler got into an altercation with the Young Bucks at All Out and did not return to action until June of this year. Shortly after Punk's return, AEW star Ryan Nemeth had a backstage confrontation with him. On Sunday, Punk took Samoa Joe and won his "Real World Championship."