Watch Cleveland Browns Fan Fall off Top of Van, Sent to Hospital

The Cleveland Browns fan were in full force on Sunday for the team's season opener against the Tennessee Titans. But one fan was not able to see the game as he suffered a very scary accident. While tailgating, a man was standing on the roof of the van. He then lost his balance and fell off the van and crashed to the ground while hitting his head. The incident was caught on live television.

The good news is the man was conscious and he seemed to be okay. He was taken to a local hospital for more treatment.

It might be a good thing the Browns fan missed the game because the team lost to the Tennessee Titans 43-13. After the game Odell Beckham Jr. told fans to stick with us as they try to figure things out.

"That stadium was ready for us. For those fans, we don't want to see them leaving with nine minutes left," Beckham said via WKYC 3. "We want to be able to stay there and fight through it. I know there's been losing around here but that's not what we're here to do. So we've just got to have everybody stick with us -- the fans as well. And this team has to come together. and we've just got to play better."

Beckham is one of the big new additions to the team this season. He comes to Cleveland from the New York Giants and he was brought in to be the top target for quarterback Baker Mayfield. The LSU alum was able to have a strong performance on Sunday, recording seven receptions for 71 yards. But what caught the attention of everyone in the stadium is what Beckham was wearing on his wrist which was a $350,000 Richard Mile watch.


It's something that most, if not all NFL players don't normally wear during a game, and it led to the NFL saying something to Beckham. According to, Beckham wearing the watch violates a rule that prohibits players from wearing hard objects while playing. However, it's likely Beckham will just receive a warning for the incident and he will not be fined.

So the start to the Browns season is off to an interesting start. We'll see if things get better for them when they face the New York Jets next Monday.