Clemson vs. LSU Features Smash Mouth Halftime Show Commercial, and Everyone Is Confused

Progressive Insurance is a company known for unique advertisements, but their latest release is confusing some fans. The primary reason is that the commercial features a halftime show as if it was a sporting event. This makes no sense to many, especially considering that the band Smash Mouth is heavily featured.

College football fans first encountered this commercial during the College Football Playoffs National Championship on Monday night. They tuned in to watch LSU vs. Clemson, as well as a potential halftime show. Instead, they were greeted by the character, Flo, eating after Smash Mouth performs roughly six seconds of "All Star."

Considering that this song was featured in both Shrek and Rat Race during the early 2000s, there were many football fans confused about this advertisement. They wanted to know why Smash Mouth was taking over their TV screens.

"Progressive did me dirty with that commercial. I thought @smashmouth was about to play in the middle of this game," one fan wrote on social media. This was a common theme on Monday night as many actually expected Smash Mouth to perform during the halftime of the National Championship. Instead, they simply got the song stuck in their head after a few short seconds.

Interestingly enough, there were many that wanted to hear even more Smash Mouth after watching the commercial. They requested that the band be given a larger platform to perform "All Star" in its entirety.

"@smashmouth deserves more than a 5sec halftime show of a Progressive commercial," an individual commented on Twitter.

Another called for a Super Bowl halftime show that heavily relies on the rock band, writing: "No matter who you are rooting for having @smashmouth on a @Progressive commercial is amazing. Could they play the Super Bowl?"

While many football fans would prefer to see Smash Mouth take over the biggest event of the year, others were simply confused. They thought that the band's popularity ended in the early 2000s and wanted to know why they were being subjected to "All Star" yet again.

As one user commented, they want to know about the creation of this commercial.


"I would have loved to sit in on the Progressive Insurance focus group where they tested having Smash Mouth appear in that commercial," they wrote while genuinely pondering the existence of this "halftime show."

(Photo Credit: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)