Chris Jericho Shares Video of Niece Being Bullied and Beaten at School

Chris Jericho is searching for answers. The All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and former WWE star went to Twitter on Sunday night to share a video of his niece getting bullied and beaten by kids at Mulerman Middle School in Valrico, Florida. In the tweet, Jericho said his niece had "been incessantly bullied for months" and the school has done nothing despite pleas from the family. 

The sister of the girl bullied responded to the tweet, saying "thank u uncle Chris." It then led to several fans sending messages to the girl. One person wrote: "Please let your sister know, though it may not seem like it, this will pass. It is not enough and that school must take action. But y'all stay strong. Obviously, you guys have family that love you and that's everything." As mentioned by Wrestling Inc., several TV reporters reached out the Jericho to get more information so they could run the story on their stations.

Jericho has been with AEW since its launch in 2019 and was the company's first world champion. He is currently the leader of a faction called The Jericho Appreciation Society, which also includes Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia, Angelo Parker and Matt Menard. The group will take on  Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson), Eddie Kingston and Santana and Ortiz in an Anarchy in the Arena Match at the pay-per-view event Double or Nothing in Las Vegas this upcoming weekend. 


In February, spoke to Jericho about why AEW has been successful. "I think the biggest thing with AEW is we started from scratch and took a chance to really see if we could make it work," Jericho told PopCulture. "And it did. Less than, or just over two years later, we're now the hottest wrestling company in the world today, with a huge, massive television deal. That's just going to grow as we grow. And I think that's the biggest change is this was really on my back at first, to get at this up and running off the ground. And I knew it was taking a chance, but I knew if it was a success, it's another feather in Jericho's legacy and helping change the wrestling business forever for the better as well."