Charlotte Flair Shares Message for Brie and Nikki Bella Following WWE Hall of Fame Induction

Brie and Nikki Bella are officially WWE Hall of Famers as the ceremony was taped at the WWE ThunderDome on Tuesday, according to photos and videos that surfaced on social media. When Charlotte Flair, the most decorated women's champion in WWE history learned the news about The Bella Twins, she sent the duo an emotional message via Instagram.

"Congratulations Nikki and Brie," Flair wrote in the caption. "I can't emphasize enough on what I learned having the opportunity to face them when I debuted. I remember watching their entrance as I stood in the ring and grasping in that moment what it meant to be a star. They have opened doors for generations to come, and I am thankful for the times I was able to be in the ring with both queens. So proud and congratulations ladies."

Brie and Nikki had a lot of success in WWE, which led to them being featured in two reality shows (Total Divas and Total Bellas) and launching multiple companies. The two also host a podcast where they interview various celebrities each week. Their podcast is also the place where they open up about possibly returning to the ring.

"I really want to do a WWE return with Brie and go after the tag titles," Nikki said, on The Bellas Podcast. "That's one thing I really want to do before I hang up the Nikes for good. I want to do one last run. The desire and passion I used to have, all put into that run. When I went back and had the run with Ronda [Rousey], it was a difficult time with the breakup and being back there so quick."

Nikki also talked about having another child in the near future. "I know you want to do a WWE run before pregnancy. I think everyone wants to know, if this WWE run is going to happen, and in our hearts we want it to happen," Brie said to Nikki. "We know, in the next year or two it's going to happen because we'll make sure, but everyone wants to know about your neck." It's been reported that Brie and Nikki are returning to in-ring action this fall. If that happens, it's very likely we could Brie or Nikki taking on Flair by the end of the year.