Carley McCord, Daughter-in-Law of LSU OC Steve Ensminger, Shared Emotional Quote Just Before Her Death: 'Only Rainbows, After Rain'

Saturday, LSU offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger learned that his daughter-in-law, Carley McCord, had died in a plane crash after an attempted emergency landing. She was en route to see the Tigers play in the Peach Bowl. Prior to the tragic crash, McCord posted a photo on her Instagram Stories that many viewed as very somber.

Saturday morning, McCord posted an image of a piece of notepad paper. On it was written: "Only rainbows after rain. The sun will always come again." There was also a small picture of the sun.

The quote, as it turns out, is actually from a song by musician Andy Grammer. The 36-year-old, who was tagged in the post, crafted this line as part of the song "Keep Your Head Up."

As the full lyric states: "Only rainbows after rain. The sun will always come again. Its a circle, circling. Around again, it comes around again." This song discusses mounting bills and the stresses of life, as well as trying to survive. However, Grammer constantly sings about keeping your head up.

This message, which was viewed as somber at the time, was one that caught many off-guard and elicited a considerable number of tears. For example, radio hosts Big D and Bubba responded to the news of McCord's death with a tribute on their Instagram page. They also mentioned the final message on her Instagram Stories.

"Shocked & Heartbroken upon hearing that our friend and former coworker, @CarleyMcCord had passed away this morning. Our hearts are with the McCord & Ensminger families, as well as her many-many friends. Love you guys [broken heart emoji]. Carley's last Instagram story hit me."

While many viewed this final post as something extremely emotional and sad, the innate message of the song is one that promotes fighting through the difficult times in life. Losing a loved one in a tragic incident is both heartbreaking and difficult, but brighter days do lie ahead. Keeping your head up is part of this process, which McCord referenced with her former post on Instagram Stories.

As sports reporter Bonnie Bernstein wrote on Saturday: "Can't begin to fathom how LSU OC Steve Ensminger can focus right now, after losing his daughter-in-law in a plane crash this morning."


There were many on social media that viewed Ensminger continuing to coach as evidence of inner strength. Others simply said that he needed to keep his mind occupied during this time.

(Photo Credit: Andy Altenburger/Icon Sportswire via Getty)