Pink's Husband Carey Hart Reveals 'Shotgun Challenge' Video to Aid Local Brewery Amid Coronavirus Shutdowns

People around the world are searching for ways to support their local community throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. Ordering takeout from local restaurants is one option, as is buying gift cards. Carey Hart, however, is shotgunning beer to support a local brewery.

The former freestyle motocross star posted a video on Instagram recently in which he explained the "shotgun challenge." Essentially, the goal is to consume the beer very quickly by "punching a hole in the side of the can, near the bottom, placing the mouth over the hole and pulling the tab" to open the top. Drinking a brew from your favorite company as a way to show them support is a critical part of the process.

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"Thanks @figmtnbrew for tagging me in on the #ShotGunChallenge !! Just want all the craft beer, winery's, mom and pop bars and restaurants to know we are thinking of you in this time. This won't change anything other than hopefully put a smile on your face and get other people to shot gun a beer in your honor. We hope this passes quick so you can get back to business," Hart wrote in the caption of his post. He then tagged several other friends in order to keep the support going.

Following his explanation, Hart cut a hole in the side of the can with his knife and then prepared to shotgun it. His wife Pink was filming the sequence and said that "nobody shotguns a beer like Carey Hart" as a way to hype up the action. Her words were quickly proven true as he finished in a matter of seconds.

"D— I thought I was quick," one fan wrote in response to the video. Several others agreed with this sentiment and said that the former motocross star could be the greatest of all time. Batwoman star Ruby Rose even attempted to time the shotgun but she stopped after less than one second.


Hart nearly nominated Rose to take part in the challenge, but he was not sure if she actually drank beer. Batwoman revealed that she does enjoy beer but is extremely grateful that Hart did not mention her. In fact, she declared that her attempt would have been an Instagram three-minute short film and that her top would have ended up with more beer than her.

Rose may not be attempting this shotgun challenge in the coming days, but Hart has nominated several other friends. He will now wait for motocross stars Ricky Carmichael and Mike Mason, as well as many others, to post their videos. Although it's unlikely that anyone will defeat his time.