Cardi B and Lacey Evans Spar on Twitter Amid Rapper's WWE Tweet-Spree

Cardi B and Lacey Evans went after each other on Twitter this week. It started when Cardi B was mentioned on WWE's flagship show Raw by WWE Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson. Fans started tagging her on Twitter, which led to the 28-year-old rapper showing love to the company. That changed as soon as Evans, a WWE Superstar, chimed in.

"Careful what you wish for ya nasty..... we aren't [Nicki Minaj]," Evans wrote on Twitter in a response to one of Cardi B's tweets on WWE. "You'll get sent home with more than a busted eye." Evans was referring to Cardi B's fight with Minaj at New York Fashion Week in 2018. And that didn't sit well with Cardi B, who quickly went after Evans.

"A white woman can't never put fear on me sweetie," Cardi B wrote in a now-deleted tweet on Tuesday, as Cageside Seats reported. "Got me f—ed up. I was showing love to WWE the whole night yesterday I don't know where the f— you came from with your unnecessary bulls—." Cardi B deleted the tweet shortly after sending it, likely because someone told her that Evans is a WWE Superstar and was "working" her. But Evans didn't back down.

"Aww bless your heart!" Evans wrote. "[Cardi B] U got it all wrong. I heard DEBUT and was giving you a friendly heads up! but since you wanna be a bad ass... keep me in mind when/if you show up to [WWE]. Ill kick your ass while listening to your music." Odds are Cardi B won't be showing a lot of love to WWE for a very long time. And while it was a work by Evans, this isn't the first time she has fooled everyone with her character. In September 2019, Evans tweeted a video of her confronting a police officer in Canada. The incident looked so real, various news outlets picked it up. It then led to Evans releasing a statement indicating it's not real.

"The video was created by both parties to promote the local live event taking place in the Edmonton area," Evans wrote while also mentioning she doesn't agree with disrespecting officers. "As a sports entertainer, it's my job to not only entertain but to set a proper example."