Cam Newton Reveals Thanksgiving Instagram Post

Cam Newton is out for the rest of the 2019 season with a foot injury, but he has a lot to the thankful for. In his latest Instagram post, the Carolina Panthers quarterback wrote a Thanksgiving message and he showed a photo of him at a charity event where he's serving food to people in need. In the caption, Newton wrote, "Thankful isn't the word for me, at this point and time in my's more like grateful."

That led to a number of Newton fans showing support for him in his comments section. One fan wrote, "Get healthy! We miss the excitement you bring! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!"

One fan is confident Newton is staying in Carolina next year. The fan wrote, "He staying in Carolina!!! Heal Up Ace Boogie!! Happy Thanksgiving."

Another fan showed support for Newton by writing, "We are grateful for you Cam! Come back next year and tear it up QB1."

And this fan loves the impact Newton has made on the community. The fan wrote, "Keep Grinding! You've already made an impact on the world continue to be an inspiration."

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Newton hasn't played since the second week of the season due to a foot injury and there have been reports of him either being traded or released once the 2019 season comes to an end. At his Thanksgiving Jam event earlier this week, Newton was asked about his future in Carolina.

"Charlotte is home,'' Newton said. "Charlotte is a place I know people know me. They're not just assuming. They know how I am. They know my energy. They know what I like and what I don't like. For me to have that type of presence, it just reminds me that ... it's right.

"We're looking forward to countless more years in Charlotte to impact the community in ways outside of the game of football.''

Newton went on to say his annual event is something he needed because of how tough the year has been.

"Being in the position I am, being away from the game and missing the support and on-field interaction with the fans, and when you finally do come out to a showing like this in the first time in eight or nine weeks, that's what you miss the most.," he said.


Newton has been with the Panthers since 2011 and was named Rookie of the Year that season. He won the MVP award in 2015 which is the same year the Panthers reached the Super Bowl.