Watch Buffalo Bills' Zay Jones 'Levitate' in Fan's Hospital Room to Celebrate Final Chemotherapy Session

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Zay Jones swallowed his pride to make one of his biggest fans happy while he was undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer. Jones, who is most famous for how he got to his feet after diving and failing to catch a pass against the Kansas City Chiefs a few years ago, replicated the iconic "levitation" move at Oishei Children's Hospital in Buffalo last week.

The only thing Jones' "new friend" Nate, who was completing his final round of chemotherapy and graduating high school in the same week, wanted from Jones to mark the celebratory moment was for the NFL player to do the move in his hospital room. Jones happily obliged the request, proving his athleticism comes just as easily even off the gridiron.

He shared the video Thursday night via Twitter. "My new friend Nate completes his final of fourteen total chemotherapy sessions tonight — he also graduates high school tomorrow. His only request to celebrate... 'can you please levitate right here?'" Jones captioned the video.

Plenty of fans responded to the clip in awe of the athlete's kindness and Nate's perseverance.

"You're a good dude, Zay, and you're a badass, Nate!" one Twitter user wrote.

"Not all heroes wear capes," another said, adding a few clapping hands emojis.

"You are amazing Zay (and not just the levitation) and this is what it's about, reaching out and lifting up those that need it!" someone else wrote.

"I just became a huge Zay Jones fan," another said.

The hospital's Twitter account even responded. "Thanks so much for visiting with us today! You cheered up so many patients!"

Jones was drafted by the Bills in 2017, and finished the 2018 season strong after an offseason that didn't include one route or practice repetition before training camp thanks to surgeries on his shoulder and knee. Because he missed the first week of training camp in 2018 due to the injuries, he had a slow start to the season, but Bills fans are hoping the wide receiver will have a productive summer and season in 2019 thanks to his full winter and spring of training.


Photo credit: Instagram / @zay