Boxer Tyson Fury Suffers Gruesome Cut During Bout

In life, there is the belief that you need to take the brutal hits and keep fighting to achieve victory. Regardless of your pursuits, this is a mindset that could be extremely beneficial during the highs and lows each passing year. Boxer Tyson Fury was a stellar example of this on Saturday night during a bout with Otto Wallin, albeit on a decidedly smaller scale.

The two heavyweight boxers faced off at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas looking to put on a show for the crowd. They certainly achieved this goal with 12 rounds of violent action that left both men exhausted and Fury's shorts stained with blood. Ultimately, the referees gave the Gypsy King his 29th career victory by way of unanimous decision. This was an exciting event for Fury despite having to get his right eye examined after six rounds due to a gruesome cut.

"I got cut early on but I am a gypsy worrier and this is Mexican independence day - viva Mexico," Fury said after the fight. "It's all heart and determination. If I can keep going I will and I was the better man tonight.

"It was a good performance. I got 12 rounds in against a tough Swede. Deontay Wilder, I want you next. The big dosser is next on February 22. I'll let the cut heal and get some time with my family."

Following his victory of Wallin, Fury has achieved a career record of 29-0-1, with 20 knockouts to his name. He is undefeated and has found victory in the United States, Germany, Ireland, Canada, and England. The Manchester native has certainly made a name for himself in the boxing world and should be set up for even more success after his cut heals.


For now, he is intent on fighting Deontay Wilder, who he previously defeated back in 2018. Although that was far less important than defeating Wallin on Saturday night and celebrating Mexico's independence with some of his fans.

"I'm not interested in Deontay Wilder one bit, I've got Otto Wallin to think about then I'm going to get smashed in Las Vegas with all the Mexican people," Fury said prior to the fight. "Then you might have to scrape me off the road if I get run over when I'm drunk. I might have a lot of cuts and bruises by the time February comes so we'll worry about that when it arrives."