‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Reveals Tribute to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Dad Rocky

Days after it was reported that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's father Rocky Johnson had passed away, [...]

Days after it was reported that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's father Rocky Johnson had passed away, one Blue Bloods star has taken to Instagram to share a tribute to the late WWE wrestler. On Jan. 17, Donnie Wahlberg posted a tribute to Rocky, who was known as "Soul Man," by showcasing a throwback to his tag team days with fellow legend Tony Atlas.

"If you grew up with these two [legends], back when [WWE] was known as the WWWF, then you feel this one," Wahlberg wrote on Instagram, before including a slew of relevant hashtags, such as "RIP Rocky," "Tony Atlas," "salute," "throwback Thursday" concluded with the phrase, [RIP] 70s & 80s Babies."

Wahlberg is far from the only person who has spoken out about the news on social media. In addition to numerous fans sending out their condolences, Atlas also addressed the loss of his former partner.

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Atlas and Rocky, who were known collectively as the "Soul Patrol," became the first black title holders of the World Tag Team Championship, a competition they won in November 1983. Now, Atlas has written a lovely tribute to the man he made history with.

"We changed wrestling by paving a new path, knocking down doors while showing what movin' n groovin' is all about!It takes two and I never would've done it without you. It showed me alot (sic) while learning more," he wrote on Twitter, before addressing Dwayne. "I pray for [The Rock] and his family ,I'm so sorry for your loss."

Of course, Johnson's emotionasl tribute to his father may have been the most emotional post of them all. On Instagram, the actor not only detailed the many accolades Rocky achieved throughout his career, but he also described just how much his father meant to him.

"I love you. You broke color barriers, became a ring legend and trail blazed your way thru (sic) this world. I was the boy sitting in the seats, watching and adoring you, my hero from afar," he wrote alongside a clip of his dad in the ring. "The boy you raised to always be proud of our cultures and proud of who and what I am. The boy you raised with the toughest of love. The intense work. The hard hand. The adoring boy who wanted to know only your best qualities. Who then grew to become a man realizing you had other deeply complicated sides that needed to be held and understood."

"Finally, I want you to rest your trailblazing soul, Soulman. Pain free, regret free, satisfied and at ease," Johnson concluded his caption. "You lived a very full, very hard, barrier breaking life and left it all in the ring. I love you dad and I'll always be your proud and grateful son. Go rest high."