Astros Fans Blame Matthew McConaughey for Their World Series Loss

The Houston Astros were confident they were going to win the World Series after going up 3-2 after five games. However, the Astros fell to the Washington Nationals in seven games and Astros fans are blaming one person. Actor and Texas native Matthew McConaughey attended Game Seven of the Series and when the team lost fans went after him on Twitter.

But why are fans blaming McConaughey? Sports fans from Texas believe every time he's there for a big game, the team ends up losing.

One fan compared him to Drake as he is known for showing up for big games and his team ends up losing. McConaughey is also a Texas Longhorns fan and was he was recently at the game where they were upset by TCU.

More fans continued to take shots at the Dallas Buyers Club star. One fan knew the game was over as soon as McConaughey put on his Astros Jersey. Another fan suggested the team should have invited someone more relevant to Houston, while another just wants him to stop coming to sporting events altogether.

The Astros are not happy with letting the World Series slip through their fingers, but they are not blaming McConaughey. The team was leading 2-1 in the seventh inning and things went south as soon as manager AJ Hinch took pitcher Zack Grienke out of the game. Once the game was over Hinch talked about the decision.


"I'll think about it," he said. via the team's official website "And I don't know what would have happened had I left him in. But that was kind of where I targeted based on where the game was going and what we had available to us."

So now the Astros will focus on the offseason and getting back to the World Series in 2020. And based on their history, it could happen as they won the World Series in 2017 and reached the American League Championship Series in 2018.