Date Revealed for Antonio Brown's Accuser Meeting With NFL

The New England Patriots and wide receiver Antonio Brown are currently preparing for an AFC East rivalry game against the Miami Dolphins. With this victory, the Patriots could move to 2-0 on the season and take further control of the division that they have won 16 times since the year 2000. Of course, there is a figurative elephant in the room that has since become a talking point for the Super Bowl favorites.

Over the past week, news broke about Brown facing allegations of rape and sexual assault from a personal trainer named Britney Taylor. There were reportedly three separate incidents between 2017-18, which have become a talking point in the days leading up to Brown's first game with the Patriots. Now, even more news has been revealed. According to NFL insider Ian Rapoport, Taylor has set a date to meet with the NFL as part of the investigation. She will be meeting with the league on Monday for her interview, per sources close to the situation.

Rapoport continued to explain that the hope is to ramp up the investigation due to the games taking place on a weekly basis. Brown has not been placed on the commissioner's exempt list, but that is not out of the question in the coming days or weeks. If that happens, he will be ineligible to take part in any games or practices for as long as Roger Goodell determines is justifiable.

Per Rapoport, sources have said that neither the Patriots or the NFL knew of the allegations against Brown prior to his signing a one-year contract last weekend. If the Patriots had previous knowledge of the situation, owner Robert Kraft would not have approved the deal.


Brown is currently expected to cooperate with the league's investigation, but he and Taylor will not be the only ones involved in the upcoming interviews. According to Rapoport, there is also an unnamed NFL rookie who was reportedly present for one of the alleged incidents. His answers could be very integral to the investigation and whether or not the Patriots receiver lands on the commissioner's exempt list or faces other punishment.

This investigation will continue in the coming days and will likely not reach a conclusion prior to week three, but there is a scenario in which Brown is sidelined by the league. For now, however, he will try to pair with Tom Brady for big plays against the Miami Dolphins.