Antonio Brown Accuses Ex Chelsie Kyriss of Still Using His Credit Card Despite Breakup

Former New England Patriots receiver Antonio Brown has been going through a messy breakup with former girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss. The ongoing situation has been brought into the public light due to both parties airing their dirty laundry via Instagram Stories. The situation took another turn when Brown posted a photo of his credit card history and accused Kyriss of continuing to use his card.

In the photo posted on Instagram, the free-agent receiver revealed that his card had been used at Kids Foot Locker 10 separate times. It had also been used for various other purchases, as well as an Uber. Brown wanted to make it clear that he was not the one making these purchases as he tagged his ex with a comment about her still using the card.

This is only the latest instance of Brown tagging Kyriss with comments about their defunct relationship and the messy nature of the split. He recently targeted her with multiple posts on Instagram Stories in which he alleged that she had cheated on him. He also spent much of an interaction with police asking why Kyriss is still allowed to drive a Bentley that allegedly belongs to him.

Brown and Kyriss were once happy, but the destruction of their relationship has become a sizable story considering that both figures in this former relationship are public-facing and have sizable followings on social media. Although having both Brown and Kyriss post about their respective frustrations on social media has also brought extra attention to the entire situation.

There was a recent moment in which it appeared the situation could be quieting down after. Kyriss, who had posted about having pictures that could end Brown's entire life, actually said that she would be refraining from sharing his secrets. This came on the heels of her saying that she was tired of keeping her mouth shut.

As she explained on Instagram, their children think the world of Brown, and she was going to let them continue. Although Kyriss also finished by saying that she wouldn't be ruining Brown's reputation and that "he seems to have done that" already.

With Brown not active in the NFL amid a league investigation, there is a scenario in which this breakup is posted about on social media with increasing frequency. Whether Kyriss fires back after saying that she wouldn't ruin Brown's reputation remains to be seen.


Photo Credit: Michael Reaves/Getty