Andy Dalton Shows off Quarantine Practice Schedule With Adorable Family


The Cincinnati Bengals put quarterback Andy Dalton's future with the franchise in doubt during the 2019 season by benching him on his birthday before later making him the starter once again. The Ohio-based franchise is now expected to select Joe Burrow first overall during the 2020 NFL Draft, and Dalton is expecting to land with a new team. While the veteran QB may not be able to leave his home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, he is still keeping his skills fresh while in self-quarantine.

Dalton posted a video on his Twitter account Tuesday that showed him in the backyard with two of his three children. He had multiple footballs lying on the grass and a net set up across the yard. One of his sons would "snap" him the football, prompting Dalton to do a three-step drop. He threw several footballs directly into the net and showed off his accuracy and arm strength.

"Love to see it," one fan proclaimed on Twitter. Several others joined in and wrote that Dalton can still "sling it" and should find a new home soon. Others tried to make their dreams come true by referencing New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

Of course, some fans wanted to notice some similarities between Dalton's two sons and the team that he most recently led into a game. There were many on social media that didn't believe either Noah or Nash would be able to stop a top-tier defender. One person even said that they were surprised the NFL let Dalton practice with his offensive line due to the coronavirus.


"Can't tell the difference between your boys and the O-line the Bengals put in front of you the last few years," another fan added. The Cincinnati Bengals struggled to protect Dalton for the majority of his career and gave up sacks fairly regularly. The 2019 iteration allowed 48 sacks to opposing defenses, ranking 23rd in the NFL.

Dalton currently has one more year remaining on his contract with the Bengals. He signed a six-year, $96 million extension in 2014 that gave him an annual salary of $16 million. If Dalton leaves the Bengals ahead of the 2020 season, it will have to happen through a trade, which he wanted to happen in October 2019. This transaction is not guaranteed, but there are many on social media that believe the Patriots will be pushing to acquire Dalton's services after watching this backyard video.