Alex Rodriguez Reveals Holiday Plans With Jennifer Lopez

With Thanksgiving over, the December holiday season is approaching. The 2020 iteration will be very different considering that large gatherings are banned under COVID-19 guidelines, but former MLB star Alex Rodriguez has big plans. He recently revealed that he and Jennifer Lopez would plan on some "good company" and family time.

According to PEOPLE, Rodriguez will focus on smaller plans during the holiday season. However, he will still focus on capitalizing on the opportunities to be around Lopez and their blended family. Since starting dating in 2017, the power couple has found ways to enjoy family time with her 12-year-old twins, Max and Emme, as well as his daughters, Natasha (16) and Ella (12). Now the family will enjoy some delicious meals and some competitive board games.

"I think everything is just going to be smaller. With COVID, everything is a little different," Rodriguez said. "Good company, family, good food, a little wine — that always helps. Just being together with the family, really that's all that matters."

"We're always with the four kids. That's number one," he continued. "We like to play games — we like chess, we like Monopoly — and we like to play softball. The one thing we've been doing the last several years is playing a family softball game, and that's always fun, because Jennifer is the master of trash talk."

As Rodriguez continued to explain, he has enjoyed one aspect of the pandemic and the extended time at home. He said that he had embraced all of the extra moments with his children. The former MLB star referred to the extra time as a "gift" considering that one is a teenager and the other three are on the cusp of high school.


Since he does get to spend extra time with his children, Rodriguez is not asking for any other gifts this holiday season. He is instead opting to make one simple request. He wants everyone to be healthy and happy.

"Honestly, it's just health," Rodriguez told PEOPLE. "I'm so grateful to be healthy, to have our family healthy, and just more togetherness. And a vaccine is on my holiday list. I want people to get back to work. With the vaccine, we can open up the economy again. There's so many folks out there that are struggling, so many restaurants that are closed, malls, and all these things... These are fellow Americans. We want to uplift them and get this great country back."