Cal Football Introduces the Aaron Rodgers Locker Room

NFL star quarterback Aaron Rodgers has put his stamp on the Cal football program. He hasn't played for the school in 15 years, but he's now really part of the organization as the team unveiled the new Aaron Rodgers Locker Room. This was made possible as Rodgers made a seven-figure donation to the school earlier this year.

"Well the facilities have gone through a tremendous upgrade over the years," Rodgers said back in June. "My issue was that for years they promised Jeff they were going to get it done, so coach Tedford was recruiting, even to my class in December of 2002, and they didn’t get finished until after he was fired. So he didn’t get a chance to really recruit to those facilities."

Along with the locker room, the money Rodgers donated was used to create the Aaron Rodgers Scholarship. It will be awarded each year to a junior college transfer as Rodgers came to Cal as a transfer after playing at Butte College for one season.

The facilities are amazing now," Rodgers said. "But this helps out with the locker room because there’s some other schools in the Pac-12 now that really have some big-time money behind them and it makes it a little more difficult to recruit some of those kids who are choosing between a Cal and a Stanford and an Oregon – well not Stanford really but maybe a Washington, some of these other schools. It just gives us a chance."


Rodgers played for Cal from 2003-2004 and put together a strong career. In his two seasons with the Golden Bears, Rodgers recorded 5,469 passing yards, 42 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. In 2004, Rodgers led Cal to a 10-1 record in the regular season with their only loss coming against Southern California, the No. 1 ranked team at the team. The Golden Bears played in the Holiday Bowl where they lost to Texas Tech 45-31.

Rodgers went on to be drafted by the Packers No. 24 overall in the 2005 NFL Draft. He became the starting quarterback in 2008 and became a household name after the 2010 season as he led the Packers to their fourth Super Bowl win and 13th NFL title in franchise history. Rodgers has also won two MVP awards (2011 and 2014) and he's the NFL all-time leader in passer rating (103.1). So far in his career, Rodgers has thrown for 42,944 yards, 338 touchdowns and just 80 interceptions.