Aaron Rodgers Encourages Packers to Slash Beer Prices so Fans Will Be Louder

Aaron Rodgers is all about getting Green Bay Packers fans loud at games this year. And he has come up with an idea that will make Packers fans louder as he told reporters this week that the team should lower the price of beer since people from Wisconsin are known for beer drinking.

"I'm up for anything that's gonna get the fans as loud as possible," Rodgers said according to Sports Illustrated. "Maybe slash some beer prices or something, would be a good idea."

Sports Illustrated mentioned the price of a 16-ounce beer cost $8.25 at Lambeau Field last year which was the 12th cheapest in the league. But when it comes to a per-ounce perspective, Lambeau Field's beer was the 15th most expensive in the NFL at 52 cents per ounce.

And while Rodgers' idea is a good one for fans, it's unlikely the Packers would go for it because it could lead to more arrests. SI mentioned a study done by the Washington Post which revealed that 7.2 arrests per game were made at the Packers game from 2011 to 2015, the seventh-highest total in the NFL.

And it's interesting that Rodgers is mentioning cutting back on beer prices since he's not much of a beer drinker himself. Earlier this year, Rodgers was at a Milwaukee Bucks game and he attempted to chug a beer. However, the two-time MVP struggled to get the beer down and it led to the internet and other NFL QBs making fun of him. Rodgers had a great response to the other QBs who mocked his beer-chugging skills.

"For some of them, there's finally a talent where they can say they are better than me," he said.

Ouch. But Rodgers does have the resume to back it up, establishing himself as an all-time great based on what he's done on the field. In 2010, Rodgers led the Packers to a Super Bowl win and he was also named Super Bowl MVP. Rodgers won the MVP award in 2011 and 2014 and he has been named to the Pro Bowl seven times. In his career, Rodgers has thrown for 42,944 yards, 338 touchdowns, 80 interceptions and he's the NFL's all-time leader in passer rating with 103.1. Packers fans are hoping Rodgers can lead the team to another Super Bowl which would be the team's 14th NFL title.