Kevin Hart Receives Odd Instagram Reply From ESPN's 'SportsCenter' Account

Kevin Hart received an interesting response from the person who runs the Instagram account of ESPN's SportsCenter. This past Friday, Hart posted a photo of him doing his standup comedy routine. And it the caption: Hart wrote: "Still grinding....Nightly Comedy Workouts...." That led to an interesting reply from SportsCenter.

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"Been in a YouTube binge of all you're stuff," SportsCenter wrote. "You're a legend man."

Many fans were wondering about this post because it's something SportsCenter wouldn't do. The conclusion was the person who replied to Hart may have thought they were using their personal account instead of SportsCenter.

Regardless, Hart likely appreciates the compliment as he has a good relationship with ESPN. The 38-year old comedian and actor is a die-hard Eagles fan and he was seen trying to celebrate with the team on the field when they won the Super Bowl in 2018. He was rejected by security and he was not happy about it.

"I'm still upset," Hart said on ESPN's Get Up a few months after the incident per Business Insider. "The hand on the chest, still not getting up there with the trophy, It's a lot. It's personal. Just keep going."

The video of Hart trying to celebrate with the team went viral, and he said he's seen the footage multiple times.

"I've seen it a lot, but that's what pisses me off the most," Hart said. "The whole reason I was going up there was to get to the trophy. I had no idea the trophy went right by me (while arguing with security). I literally had no idea. All I had to do was turn around, and it was right there."

During that time, Hart also took on ESPN's Stephen A. Smith of First Take and defended the city of Philadelphia.


"When the time comes, that's when it's supposed to be there," Hart said to Smith who said Hart was 'sticking out his chest.' "As a young child, yes, I did suffer. As a guy who was a teenager, who went through high school, yeah, I did suffer. We didn't have great years.

"But as a grown man, who now has a family who watches him embrace sports the way that he does, I get to celebrate and I get to do it with my kids."