Kobe Bryant Celebration: Skip Bayless Praises Michael Jordan's '1000 Percent Real' Memorial Speech

Like many across the country, Skip Bayless was tuned into the Celebration of Life memorial honoring the late Kobe Bryant. The event saw 20,000 people attend and bare witness to many powerful and emotional eulogies. Among the most inspiring was Vanessa Bryant, who stood on stage and gave an eloquent speech about her husband and the father of her children.

Michael Jordan, too, delivered quite the heartfelt tribute. He was seen breaking down during it as tears ran down his face. Bayless gave high praise to Jordan for getting up there and bringing such a heartwarming eulogy.

The Undisputed personality, who covered Jordan in Chicago, explained how the North Carolina product can "be a little aloof" and "distant" which is why Bayless was unsure of what to expect if he did, indeed, speak.

"He stood up, he spoke way up, he expressed true love for Kobe Bryant that I bought completely," Bayless said. "It was 1000% real."

During his eulogy, Jordan joked about how his onstage breakdown would result in yet another "Crying Jordan" meme to surface.

"Now, he's got me... I'll have to look at another crying meme for the next—" he said. "I told my wife I wasn't going to do this 'cause I didn't want to see that for the next three or four years. This is what Kobe Bryant does to you."

In addition to Jordan's message, Vanessa Bryant displayed tremendous strength in getting in front of the podium to deliver an emotional message.

Bayless also took the time to share how impressed he was that she was able to do that under those circumstances.

"My biggest takeaway was that Vanessa Bryant was the biggest star at [Staples Center] yesterday," the analyst said, "and that was the greatest collection of stars and ex-stars ever in the history of the game we love — basketball."


He went on to say that delivered a "Kobe-esque" performance just as her husband "often owned" the Staples Center.

Shannon Sharpe, who joins Bayless on Undisputed, spoke similarly about Bryant, explaining that her "strength came through on full display."