Conor McGregor Sucker-Punches Elderly Man for Refusing Drink

UFC star Conor McGregor may have some explaining to do. TMZ was able to obtain a video that shows McGregor sucker-punching an elderly man for refusing a drink. This incident happened in April at the Marble Arch pub in Dublin, Ireland and it was first released by CCTV. McGregor was trying to get the man to try his Proper Twelve whiskey. The man rejected the whiskey twice and that led to McGregor punching him in the face. After the punch, McGregor’s security escorted him out of the bar quickly before it escalated.

As mentioned by The Daily Mail, the man McGregor attacked is in his 60s and he’s a regular at the bar. Police did open an investigation, but it’s not known if it’s still active. One witness told reporters, “'McGregor was being a show off in the pub and one man didn't like it and went up to have a word with him,” while another witness said, “'There was a bit of a commotion, he [McGregor] was acting the mick and there was an incident.”

With this happening in April, one has to wonder if UFC knew about this when it happened? But then again, this is not a real surprise for anyone who knows McGregor as he’s known for these types of antics. Back in March, McGregor was arrested in Miami for robbery criminal mischief after he took a fan's phone and smashed it for attempting to take a photo. The charges were dropped and the victim got a settlement.

In April 2018, the former UFC champion was charged with assault in New York after throwing a metal dolly through a window of a bus that contained several fighters including Khabib Nurmagomedov, the man who beat McGregor back in October. McGregor pleaded no contest and did not have to serve any time in jail.


McGregor hasn’t competed since he lost to Nurmagomedov last year. And despite the video of McGregor punching the elderly man being released, it’s likely he could be returning to the octagon very soon. The Sun reported that UFC President Dana White said McGregor could return next month.

"I talked to him last week and he wants to come back so I mean really what he’s doing is looking to see how everything plays out in September,” White said in a post-fight press conference last month.