This Valentine’s Day Playlist Goes Out to All the Hopeless Romantics Out There

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(Photo: Instagram / @studiodiy)

We don't ask for much on Valentine's Day: just breakfast in bed, a dozen roses when we least expect it, all of the chocolate and a thoughtful, homemade dinner complete with a bottle (or two) of wine. Did we mention we also need the entire day to feel like a scene out of "The Notebook?" Like we said, not too much to ask at all.

But before all of that, we need to set the mood for the day with the Valentine's Day secret weapon: an insanely romantic playlist.

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Music can totally make or break a moment, and V-Day is no time to take chances. So if you and your significant other need a little kick start to get the mojo rolling on this day of love, crank up the stereo and let the music do the rest.



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