Period Cramps? Bloating? Having Sex Could Help

There's usually a whole list of things you don't feel like doing when you are on your period: getting the kids ready for bed, making dinner, going to the gym (or moving in general), and definitely not sex, right? You're cramping, bloated, and downright miserable; the last thing you want to do is hop in bed with your hubby! However, studies have shown that having sex while you are on your period actually has several health benefits! Don't believe us? Keep reading to learn more!

menstrual cramps

It can help relieve bloating and cramps symptoms. The Big O releases large doses of the "feel-good" chemicals oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins into our aching bodies. In addition to making us feel happier and more relaxed, these natural chemicals also act as painkillers and alleviate those bothersome aches and pains!

It can improve your mood. We know that during that time of the month you probably aren't Polly Positive, but having sex might help. There's the big release of endorphins that we mentioned above, but the intimacy of sex can also make you feel better. If you can get over the mess, letting your man help you feel better and sexier could go a long way in boosting your mood!

It decreases the risk of infection. Your flow acts as a natural lubricant during sex, so instead of using lubes or lotions that might cause rashes or infections, you can just sit back and relax! Some women even claim that with their heightened hormones, period sex can actually be even more enjoyable than day-to-day hanky panky!

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It lessens your stress levels. Okay this applies to sex in general, but for women who find themselves suffering from an extra boost of anxiety during their time of the month, then you may want to consider hitting the sheets! The relief and relaxation that comes after a climax can help relieve all that excess stress.

Just a disclaimer, ladies: Remember to use protection! We realize that you are on your period, but ovulation can sometimes overlap with menstruation. Also, if you don't know whether your partner has an STD, protection is absolutely key! For more information about period sex, check out our sources: Cosmopolitan,, Women's Health, Everyday Health.